Next Gen

We are passionate about reaching children, teens, students for Christ and setting them up for success in God's sight! We do this through four interrelated ministries:

Rally. Rally is for ages 7-12 and is a good introduction to the Christian faith offering games, crafts, activities, and a short Bible lesson. It meets every Wednesday from 6.30-8pm at our church facility.

Sunday School. Sunday school is for ages 4-10 and meets during our Sunday worship service from 10.30-11.15am. The age 4-5 class is fun and interactive, but also emphasises biblical truth. The age 6-10 class teaches children to engage directly with the text of the Bible using inductive Bible study skills. This prepares them for Youth Bible Study.

Youth Bible Study.  Youth Bible Study is for ages 9-17 and happens every Friday from 6.30-8.30pm. It is a joint youth group between our church and Cornerstone International Bible Church. It meets upstairs at 26 Filleul St., Dunedin Central. Youth play games, sing, hear a short talk, and then split into smaller Bible study groups. The goal of Youth Bible Study is to make disciples of Jesus among the youth and instil in them the habit of daily Bible study.

D Groups. We aim to get all youth in Years 10-13 into a small discipleship group, which we call a "D group." These are small groups of 2-3 youth and one adult who meet regularly for encouragement and accountability. We feel these D groups are absolutely vital as youth get ready to leave home and become adults.