What Are Your Spiritual Gifts?

The Bible teaches that God has assigned every believer one or more spiritual gifts. These gifts are unique to each one of us and are given so that we may bless one another and grow to maturity. Local churches thrive when every believer is using his or her spiritual gifts. So, what gifts has God given you?

Click on the button below to begin your 80-question spiritual gift inventory. After tallying up your answers, you'll know your top three spiritual gifts.

Spiritual Gifts Defined

Administration is a gift that pro􏰀ides insight into other people􏰂s spirit􏰁al gifting as 􏰃ell as natural talent, which allows for placing people who want to minister in a particular way together with those who need just this ministry.

Compassion transcends both natural human sympathy and normal Christian concern, to sense in others a wide range of emotions and then provide a supportive ministry of caring and intercessory prayer. Also called the gift of Mercy.

Discernment is the heightened ability to read or hear a teaching, to encounter a problem, or to consider a proposed course of action, and then determine whether the source behind the teaching, problem, or action is in line 􏰃ith God􏰂s Word. Can also discern unspoken motives and attitudes.

Evangelism is a special calling and ability to lead unconverted persons to a saving knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Exhortation is encouraging others by well timed and wise counsel. Also called the gift of Counseling, or the gift of Encouragement.

Faith is an extraordinary confidence in God that is unshakable by situations, pain, apparent failure, or ridicule. This gift strengthens the individual and other believers (by example) to endure persecutions and wait upon the Lord.

Giving is detecting material or financial needs and meet those needs with Spirit inspired generosity. Recipients of help from Christians with this gift have a clear sense that God has provided, not man.

Helps is assisting people in skilled ways that are supernaturally enhanced by the anointing of the Holy Spirit. This is similar to the gift of serving except that it is specific concerning a certain skill 􏰈 such as the goldsmiths who helped Moses build the items for the tabernacle.

Knowledge is remembering Scripture or have it supernatural quickened, or to know a fact or truth about a person or situation revealed directly by the Holy Spirit.

Leadership is going first and leading by example, so that others are motivated to follow.

Missionary is communicating across cultural barriers and planting churches where there is no knowledge of the gospel. It is usually accompanied with a distinct calling. Sometimes called the gift of Apostle, although trust apostles were required to have seen the risen Lord.

Pastoring is the collective ministry􏰆 of the elders to 􏰄shepherd􏰅 an individual or community of Christian believers. This gift is a special passion and calling to lead people into green pastures, steer others away from danger, fight off predators, and bind up wounds. Sometimes called the gift of Shepherding.

Prophecy is speaking what God wants said with clarity, creativity, and power. It is also called the gift of Preaching. The primary ministry in this gift is not prediction, but in confronting people with the trust about God and man 􏰈 with conviction and repentance as the result.

Serving is a gift which expresses the love of Christ by taking care of lowly or time-consuming tasks to allow other to be more effective ministers. Those with this gift are the truest and highest leaders in the church.

Teaching is understanding and communicating the Christian faith so as to make the trust clear to others. The result of this gift is the equipping and maturing of others in the body of Christ so that they will grow in grace and be more effective disciples.

Wisdom is special illumination in a specific instance to grasp divine insight regarding a fact, situation, or context. This is gift useful in directing the Body in what to do next, in making God􏰂's w􏰃ill know􏰃n.

Note: Why􏰆 no 􏰄sign􏰅 gifts? These􏰆 ha􏰀ve been left out of the test for two reasons. First, there is a disagreement whether these gifts are still active today. More importantly􏰆, if 􏰆one􏰁 ha􏰀s a sign gift, 􏰆one􏰁 already􏰆 knows􏰃 it and doesn't need to take a test to discover it. For these reasons the gifts of healing, miracles, tongues, and interpretation have been left off of the test.

"As each one has received a gift, employ it in serving one another as good stewards of the manifold grace of God. Whoever speaks is to do so as one who is speaking the utterances of God. Whoever serves is to do so as one who is serving by the strength which God supplies. This is so that in all things God may be glorified through Jesus Messiah." - 1 Peter 4:10-11