We invite you to join us for worship every Sunday at 10 am. In 2020, we are studying and teaching through the gospel of John.

17 Playfair Street, Caversham
Dunedin 9012
Tel 03 486 2884

Our Sunday school is for ages 4-9. We want parents to join us for worship, prayer, and Bible teaching, knowing their children are in good hands. A creche is also available.

Our Core Ministries

Disciple Making

Inductive Bible Study


Upcoming Series

Multiplying Disciple Makers: Jesus' Last Words Are Our First Work

In this series, we will learn about Jesus' strategy for building his church through multiplying disciple makers who multiply more disciple makers. We are developing an inductive Bible study workbook that will correspond to the preaching topics on Sunday mornings. We ask everyone to study daily through the workbook, meet weekly in life groups, and then join us for Sunday worship, as we learn about the rationale and practical tips for multiplying disciple makers in New Zealand today.

  • November 8 - The Master and His Plan
  • November 15 - Selection
  • November 22 - Association
  • November 29 - Consecration
  • December 6 - Impartation

Christmas: The King Has Come!

  • December 13 - Christmas with Rally Children and Parents
  • December 20 - Christmas with our partner Cook Island church

Sound Bite: How to Get the Christian Message Across in a Sound Bite World

It's a fact we live in a sound bite world, and most people's attention span is very low. So how do we get our message across? We've got to be ready to make our case for Christ in a short amount of time--30 seconds or less. In this summer apologetics series, we will attempt to equip you with short, snappy arguments for the existence of God, the historicity of Jesus' resurrection, and the reasonableness of the Christian worldview.

  • January 3 - The Cosmological Argument for God's Existence
  • January 10 - The Fine Tuning Argument for God's Existence
  • January 17 - The Moral Argument for God's Existence
  • January  24 -  The Possibility of Miracles
  • January 31 - Jesus' Resurrection as Historical Fact
  • February 7 - The Problem of Suffering

​Ephesians - The Church: Rooted in Love, Walking in Power

  • February 14 - Blessed (Ephesians Overview)
  • February 21 - Chosen by God
  • February 28 - Seated in Heavenly Places
  • March 7 - A Member of the Family
  • March 14 - The Hidden Mystery Now Revealed
  • March 21 - Walking the Walk You Talk
  • March 28 - Growing Up: Just Like Jesus
  • April 11 - The New You: Walking in His Love and Light
  • April 18 - Just How Important to God Are Relationships?
  • April 25 - (school holiday)
  • May 2 - (school holiday)
  • May 9 - It's War! Stand!

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